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Introduction of 4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

1. Strong power
2. Fuel economic
3. Parts available
uc捕鱼大闹天宫3 4. Sale from factory

Parameter of 4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

Model BJ5069ZBCED
Type Refrigerated Truck
Driving Type 4x2
Wheel Base 4500
Length 7900
Width 2330
Height 3370
Wheel Tread 2005 1800
Curb Weight 1.795
Max. Weight 3.75
Max. Speed 90 KM/h
Origin Shandong
Engine Infos
Engine Model Phaser135Ti
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 10.8L
Emission EURO III
Max. Output 101 KW
Torque 1835N·m
Max. Horse Power 137 PS
Max. Torque Speed 1200RPM
Rated Speed 1900RPM
Gear Box Fast 12JS200TA
Forward Gear 12
Reverse Gear 2
Tyre Infos
Number 6pcs
Sizes 7.50-20/7.50R20/8.25-20

Pictures of 4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

4*2 10 Tons Refrigerated Truck

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